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I really appreciate the people who keep returning to this blog but I no longer blog on here anymore. Please check out my new blog. Hanuit!!!

Sunday Fun Day

Sunday morning my brother woke me up to see if I want to go to L.A. I was barely waking up and too tired to think if I had plans or not and automatically said yes. I always love going up to L.A and kick it, we didn’t know where to go so we just decided to hit up DTA in Venice Beach to visit the hammie Jeff. Half way up it was raining. I brought my digital camera and my film camera for some shooting but, didn’t make it to the beach and snap a few photos of Venice in the rain. Sucks, but I got these photos from my digital camera though.







S.O.C Feature Coming Soon

Style Over Comfort did a feature of my car, coming soon. the photos are crazy dope!